Hello everyone!!

It has been such a long, long time since my last post! Completely my fault! I have been so busy with exams, internship meetings, and my extensive workouts that I just couldn’t find the time to write. blah.

Anyways, so just a few updates on my life before we get back into the swing of things. First, I only have two exams to go before I am officially a senior in college! Blows my mind I swear. I have kept up on all of my work and am looking at a 4.0 right now (as long as I don’t completely fail my last two finals.) It’s always exciting seeing all of your hard work pay off at the end of the year 🙂

In fact, in one of my production courses, I finally got to see my final piece which I worked on throughout the duration of the semester. A little background information: the course is an extensive research and production class, where the topic is on children’s health. In four groups, we had to research a topic and then produce a PSA for PBS: IU (The Friday Zone) which will be aired regionally (Midwest.) My group had the topic of Helmet Safety, where we tried to convince kids that wearing a helmet while riding a bike is not only safe but cool. I had so much fun producing and performing on set! By the way, this was my first ever production piece, so I am pretty proud of myself to say the least!

Secondly, if you heard your girl right, she got an internship! I am happy to announce that I will be interning with Lexacount, a recruiting and financing company. I will be their Social Media Writer/Researcher for the next six months! I could not be more stoked for the opportunity, as I will be able to put my writing to use and also network with Fortune 500 companies!


Last thing! My family got two new puppies. Bernese Mountain Dogs = the cutest, most lovable, fluff balls on the planet. We have always been a Labrador type of family but thanks to these two sweetie pies, that has all changed! Their names are Luca and Lumi, brother and sister. Luca is the male with freckles on his nose and Lumi is the darling female, a bit smaller than Luca. These two are bundles of joy, have huge personalities, and always want to be loved on.

So yeah, a lot has been going on! Now that it is finally summer, I can get back to writing and sharing valuable aspects of my life 🙂 Cannot wait to start back up and hear from all of you soon!

Stay in touch, Sky


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