My First Day of College

Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying their day!

I wanted to take a break from talking about modeling and figured I could tell you guys a little story about what my first day of college was like as well as give you all some tips! I am now a junior at Indiana University but I was once the scared freshman trying to find her way too. For starters, I go to a Big 10 school so the campus is kinda…GINORMOUS. I remember my first day on campus like it was yesterday…

I started the day off by waking up early and getting ready. I was pretty nervous for the first day of class but figured I’d give my best go at it. So I went out to what I thought was the city bus stop to start my first day on campus. (IU is way too big to walk to classes, so buses are almost a necessity). I ended up missing the city bus because I have never previously rode on a bus before and had no idea where the bus stop was. I know that sounds ridiculous. But not even in high school or middle school did I ride the bus. I was that kid who’s parents dropped me off and picked me up every day but apparently that’s lame since I got teased constantly for it. COOL KIDS RIDE THE BUS. Anyways, so I missed the bus and decided to walk. I wanted to keep my positive vibes, so I was determined to look up how far campus was and walk it. Campus was 2 1/2 miles away. Great. (Let me take this moment to share with you all that I was wanting to look good the first day of class, so I decided to wear heels. Heels on a 2 1/2 mile walk…it gets worse).

So while I am limping, (I say limping because I can already feel the blisters starting to form on my pinky toes) I take this time to whip out my schedule to see where my first class is. It says: C223 – RTV (Radio-Television). Sounds easy enough, just have to pull up the map and see where it says R-TV and follow that route! WRONG. There was no such thing as RTV on the map. I start looking around in complete panic. I googled the building, tried my iPhone’s maps, nothing was working. Now walking around frantically for about an hour trying to find this hidden building, I call my boyfriend and just let it all out. I start crying hysterically, wondering where the hell I am supposed to go. He on the other hand, found it quite amusing that I was so lost and laughed. No help there…

SO, around 3 hours later (no really, THREE HOURS) I finally find the building! Just so happens that this top-secret building is inside of another building. Thanks for telling the freshman. I was only about 2 hours late to my class and everyone left! Such a waste of time. Then, I look down at my feet and see streaks of red covering my toes. My blisters that formed from the walk completely burst open and covered my feet in blood. I had no choice but to now walk barefoot back home. Plus, I had makeup running down my face from crying. Now, if you saw me looking like this, you would think 1. I was just broken up with or 2. I was on a walk of shame going back home. Both equally bad looks. But no, just the sad, confused freshman defeated and done with the day.

I know my first encounter of college sounds quite terrifying for someone about to begin their freshman year but I have some tips I wish I knew about that will help you out:

  1. BE PREPARED: Get on campus early and get a feel for all of the buildings. Walk routes to your classes so you can get your schedule down before the first day.
  2. DO NOT BE ASHAMED: On the first day, everyone looks like they’re running around with their heads cut off. Don’t feel embarrassed if you get lost and need help. Chances are, 75% of the other students are lost too.
  3. LOOK GOOD BUT NOT TOO GOOD: Don’t make my mistake and wear heels. Just don’t. On campus, you’ll be doing a lot of walking and heels will slow you down and probably hurt your feet too. I also would advise to look nice but there’s no need to dress up. Sophomores and upperclassman usually wear sweats and hoodies, so you’re more likely to standout as “fresh meat” if you look all snazzy. Anyways, no one cares how good you look in class and in my opinion, I’d rather just be comfy. Wear some slippers and bring a snuggie if ya want. I promise no shade will be thrown your way.
  4. JUST RELAX: I know college seems like a huge step up in life but once you get a feel for it, you’ll find out its almost identical to high school except with A LOT more freedom. Ahh, freedom. Being able to eat pizza for every meal and skip a class or two if you feel like it.

At the end of day, we all experience our first day of college differently. Just know that nothing in life is worth killing yourself with anxiety over. Like the great Kobe Bryant once said, “If it isn’t a life or death situation, there is nothing to be afraid of.” As for all, everyone gets nervous. We are all humans. No one is better than you or less than you. Just tackle the first day on campus like a boss and if you end up having a day like I did, know that life goes on! I now have campus down like the back of my hand and feel like an idiot for getting so lost. At least it’s a great memory to look back on and laugh about 🙂



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