Annie’s Crochet Magazine

Hey everyone!

So today I received my magazine copy for the shoot I was featured in last September! I know when you see “knitting” or “crochet,” you may think these shoots are lame or not worth the time part-taking in but I promise you, these shoots are the best for exposure (plus they pay nicely.)

The best thing about these shoots? They are always different. Now, this is my second time shooting for this magazine so I was pretty familiar with what I would be wearing but crochet is not exactly my choice of fashion. I was also on set with another model, Hannah, who I now know very well. In these instances, working with someone else can suck or be the mood booster you needed. Luckily, Hannah was awesome to work with and made the time so much more enjoyable! A little friendly tip: When working with other models, the time spent is really all about how you make of it.

I remember the first time doing this shoot, I was embarrassed to show my friends or talk about it to others because I thought crochet was more of a thing for “old” people. But looking back on that, I should have been proud, like I was the second time receiving the finished photos. For starters, I was paid handsomely for my work…sounds good to me. Secondly, I am in a MAGAZINE! I don’t care which one, being in one is better than none. So on that note, I have been told this countless times so I thought I would pass it on, any exposure is good exposure.

I will have more shoots and insight up soon but being a full-time undergrad definitely keeps me busy! I look forward to sharing more experiences with you all! Feel free to message me for any questions or just to chat:)


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